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Fundamentals Class - $89 (1 month)

Required for every new member
· 2 weeks fundamentals + 2 weeks normal programming
· Beginning the first full week of each month
· Tuesday & Thursday (6:00AM or 6:30PM)

Fundamentals Class Objectives:
​1) Prepare for safe movement

  • Understand past/current injuries
  • Assess movement patterns
  • Evaluate current fitness level
  • Learn appropriate use of equipment
2) Learn movement fundamentals and proper technique
  • Nine foundational movements of CrossFit
Regardless of your current fitness level or exposure to CrossFit, we are focused on functional movements and scalability to ensure this program is  right for you.

Anyone who walks, sits, or stands performs functional movements. Functional movements are natural and safe. CrossFit is functional and safe.

We utilize changes in speed and weight to increase intensity and, therefore,  increase results.

​ Our coaches are able to modify any workout based on your goals and ability. CrossFit is for everyone!
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